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Physical Security Plan. Purpose. State the plan’s purpose. Responsibilities. List the people who are responsible for physical security and what their specific responsibilities are related to the physical security of the installation or facility. Policies. Area Security. Physical Security Policy - Wolfson College, Oxford the Security Policy, and be responsible for the development of strategic security, drafting the College Security Policy, and will take the lead role in its implementation and will propose amendments to the Security Policy that may be necessary in the future. He will manage the Information Management and Cyber Security Policy policy follows the framework of ISO17799 for Security Policy guidelines and is consistent with existing SUNY Fredonia policies, rules and standards. This policy documents many of the security practices already in place. Senior management is fully committed to information security and agrees that every person employed by or on behalf of New York

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1.2. Policy Statement The purpose of this policy is to establish standards in regard to the physical and environmental security of the Council’s information. All Sefton Council employees, contractors and users with access to Sefton Council’s equipment and information (electronic and paper records) are responsible for ensuring the safety

Physical Protection Policy Sample (Required Written Policy) 1.0 Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance for agency personnel, support personnel, and private contractors/vendors for the physical, logical, and electronic protection of Criminal Justice Information (CJI). Physical Security& Emergency Management Policy