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reading instruction to help all students become successful readers. Comprehension is a key component of this literacy initiative; facility in literal, inferential, critical, and creative comprehension skills is critical to reading success and academic achievement in all content areas. This packet focuses on … Reading Comprehension: Literal, Inferential & Evaluative ... Reading comprehension is the ability to process information that we have read and to understand its meaning. This is a complex process where skills are built upon one another like the blocks used to make Billy’s tower. There are three levels of understanding in reading comprehension: literal meaning, inferential meaning, and evaluative meaning. (PDF) Examining the structure of reading comprehension: Do ... literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension items on the fall, winter, and spring multiple-choice reading comprehension measures for two samples of stud ents (independent and replication Literal Question Prompts: On the lines Who, what, when ...


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laid out like a “staircase” and as students go through each grade level the texts While reading, there are two different types of comprehension, literal and inferential. students to answer and inferential and evaluative reading comprehension 2013, from 20Strategies%20-.

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